"Offline Tuesdays" February Challenge

The Joy Guild News Item

Social media has changed the way we spend our days--for better or worse, it's part of our lives. How often do you check your social accounts? How much time do you TRULY spend online? Do you engage during work hours? At home? On the road? Take this fun, unscientific, casual challenge to learn how much time you spend online using social media and find alternatives for how you spend time  in your personal life every Tuesday in the month of February. It may be more challenging than you think!
It's easy:

  1. Track your time using social media over the course of any two days PRIOR to the challenge.
  2. Mark your calendars every Tuesday in February with "I'm offline" during your personal time (we recognize that some of you use social media in your career and business...that time is exempt).
  3. Do something else during your free time! Sign up for a class, read a book, make art, take a walk with your neighbor, visit family and friends, play board games, go out to dinner...the possibilities are endless.
  4. After your Tuesday adventure, leave feedback and photos on our Facebook page of your activities and insight from the challenge. Keep it clean and family-friendly and in compliance with Facebook's terms. (this is an activity sponsored by The Joy Guild and is not endorsed by Facebook.)

For those who are interested in participating further (and you opt-in), we will gather your feedback and stories on the experience for an upcoming project.
Good luck!
#1 FAQ - Since this question WILL come up, we know that we're promoting this challenge via social media. There's no judgement or criticism on "good" or "bad" of social media, only a challenge to become aware of your time spent online using social media vs. time offline and to use that awareness to compare with other activities in your personal life.