Creative Art Retreats


Creative Art Retreats

Registration is now open!

Here's how it works:

- New in 2013: We're taking applications for retreats in CA, OR, and WA!!! If you're in another state, we may be able to partner with you...let us know!
- Creative Art Retreats require a minimum of 10 people to go. Gather your friends and have them RSVP!
- Once the minimum RSVP has been met, we'll send the final registration details.

To RSVP, visit our ticketing site here:

Below is an example of a typical art retreat agenda. 
You can check out photos from past events here:

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Where are your retreats located?
We hold our retreats in urban areas (day retreats) and remote country locations for those of you who want to escape the city. Final locations will be booked and announced once RSVP minimums have been met for a region. We've held our retreats at some amazing locations like Doe Bay Resort & Retreat and the Fort Casey Inn. Some locations offer lodging on site and you can choose your own accommodation...from cabin to yurt to tent camping.

How long are your retreats and how much do they cost?
Our retreats are designed for busy, working adults and run from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Rates vary slightly per location, but generally will cost $249-$349PP (excluding food and lodging) and covers all materials and instruction. Be on the lookout for special offers...we usually have one each month. 

Do you have to be an adult to participate?
Most often, the answer is yes. We cater to adults 18 and up who are in need of a creative renaissance in a space with adult energy. Teens 15-17 that attend with a parent are considered on a case-by-case basis. Children 14 and under are fabulous but aren't a good fit at our adult-themed events.

Can I bring a pet?
Pets are also fabulous in our eyes, however not everyone can be in the same space with pet hair/fur. So, our classes are always animal-free. You are welcome to bring a pet if the accommodation accepts them and they can be supervised 24/7. You may NOT bring a pet and leave it in your room or car during classes. You will need to arrange daycare or supervision by a friend or partner while you are in class. We should be able to accommodate service pets.